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Join us for an exciting day of empowerment and fellowship that focuses on reducing health disparities disproportionately affecting Black women. The conference raise awareness about mental and physical health and will educate attendees about the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Register today!


4 Tips for Cuffing Season Success

It's the time of year when pumpkin spice lattes are being served and comfy fleece pajamas are making their return. The cold weather is approaching. Soon it will be too cold to do anything but lay up, eat vegetarian chili (with cornbread) and Netflix and Chill (NAC)...

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3 Ways Black Women Combat Imposter Syndrome

Recently, a friend asked me to help her decide if she should apply for a new job. The description of the job read like it was perfectly designed for her and she was very excited about the opportunity. When I asked why she was unsure, she said “I don’t meet the...

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